Staff- The Foundation of Tilbury Chrysler

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  • Tom Mayhew
    519-682-3131 ext 230

    Tom, is the el presidente, komandant, head of  the asylum and general manager of our dealership and most importantly, the man who signs our paychecks. He is our Santa on a weekly basis. He has been involved in the automotive business since 1984 and has run this store since 1993. He understands the meaning of customer satisfaction and always maintained the Chrysler's prestigious Five Star status. He is a dedicated family man, community oriented and has a passion for the car business. His greatest lesson learned in the last five years is  NEVER LEAVE YOUR LUGGAGE UNATTENDED. He is also the driving force (and cheq writer) for our new showroom. AS you can see above, like our new showroom he is also FABULOUSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!.

  • Ken Tape
    Used Car Manager
    519-682-3131 ext 222

        Ken began with Tilbury Chrysler in 2003 and has been in the car business since 1995.  His diverse record includes General Manager of a Rental car agency, selling cemetery plots,New & Used car sales, Business/Finance Manager, and is currently Tilbury Chrysler's Notorious (B.I.G.) Used Car Manager. 

        He is somewhat of a work-a-holic and truly loves buying and selling cars.Ken is a go-getter who is well liked and respected by Management staff and employees. He has a well-rounded (lots of  pun intended) sense of humour and isn't afraid to laugh at himself when the joke is on him (which is quite often). If Ken seems excited lately, he is. He just heard the news that an A+W opened in Comber. Wendy's found out and their shares dropped 20%. 

         He is a true outdoorsman and can usually be found in the garden, at the city dump or fishing on the weekends while traveling with the kin folk in the double wide.

  • Chris VanNeck
    New Car Sales Manager
    519-682-3131 ext 233

         Chris started his career in the auto industry with Tilbury Chrysler in January of 1996 (when he had black hair) and he has never looked back. He has held various roles with the company, starting on the sales floor, lease renewal manager, used car manager and he now leads our new car department, and his hair  has since gone whiter than snow . We are not sure of the link between sales and service and gray hair or no hair, hopefully the scientist will come up with a cure (Chris will take the sales side effect over the service alternative any day). So if you have any questions regarding leasing, your lease renewal or purchasing a new car, he can help. Chris was recently married to rejoices of "iaft".When he has spare time (which is rarely, now that he has a "honey do" list) , he enjoys hockey and golf and is an avid boater. Chris is also happy that mini Vneck, NOAH, still has dark hair at his 2nd birthday.

  • Shiela Vasko
    Sales Consultant
    519-682-3131 ext 274

    Shiela is Tilbury Chrysler's Lease Renewal Manager who makes it her business to satisfy customers by going that extra mile. Broom Shiela (Halloween birthday)  has a son and a daughter in university who inspire her to keep on going!  She came to Tilbury Chrysler in April 2001 after 6 yrs in the Real Estate business and enjoys helping customers find that special vehicle they are looking for.  She has lived in many exotic places all over the world over many many many years, like Niagara Falls, Salem, Lake Morningstar, Africa (where she picked up most of her spells), and London, England.Shiela and her coven, currently reside in Windsor.  Shiela has a very positive, outgoing, personality that allows her to satisfy a diverse customer base which is illustrated by the number of loyal customers that return to her time after time. Shiela will work hard to get you the deal that is best for you whether purchasing or leasing. Shiela's two favourite sayings are "I'll get you my pretty. And your little dog too!!" and "I have flying monkey's, and I am not afraid to use them".

  • Wayne Johnston
    Sales Consultant
    519-682-3131 ext 247

    Wayne is formerly from Chatham, and now resides in Lakeshore. Mr. SPEEDY GONZALEZ  Johnston's sales career spans over a 27 year period, 8 of which, he has been consulting Tilbury Chrysler customers. Wayne may not move at the speed of smell (we time him with a sun dial), but he is meticulous and pays attention to detail. Our customers look for and appreciate the vast product knowledge he shares and his laid back demeanor has blended well with our no pressure county atmosphere at Tilbury Chrysler.

  • Jeff Kelly
    Sales Consultant
    519-682-3131 ext 285

    Jeff is a Northern Boy, born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. He moved to the area 8 years ago. He has an adorable 8 (going on 18) year old daughter named Ava, who acts as his assistant on occasion, but mostly as his boss.  Jeff is in his 30's (going on 19) and is a very easy going sales/leasing representative; he has been well trained and educated in all Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep products.  He has been in the Automotive Sales industry since 2003 and enjoys helping everyone with their automotive needs. If you are looking for a friend in the business he is your guy. He really makes the process fun and enjoyable. Unfortunately, Jeff is a recovering Montreal Hab-oholic, and has been battling depression over  the second half of the season free fall that happened this year. The last sinking event known to man of this magnitude, they made a movie and called it TITANIC!! Jeff is also in the process of becoming "and 1".

  • Andrew Bourhill
    Sales and Leasing Consultant
    519-682-3131 ext 229

    Andrew was originally born in England, mixed in with some Australian ancestry, if he were a pie, I guess that would make him   KIWI LIMEY. He has been in the auto industry since 1981, and looks forward representing Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep with the same integrity and passion that has made him successful in the import market. In his spare time he enjoys fishing, boating, golf and cooking (but not all at once). If you want a salesperson who is a little different for all the right reasons, then ask for Andrew,  the LIMESTONE COWBOY.

  • Lino Toscani
    Sales Consultant
    519-682-3131 ext 234

     Lino has recently switched careers and joined the automotive industry after jobs in the restaraunt and the metal fabrication industry. He is married to his high school sweetheart and they have two lovely teenage daughters.  In his sparetime, Zino(aka Gino, Tino, Vino, Glino, Bino, Nino and many more) is a long suffering Leaf fan and also enjoys the Detroit Lions (what a sucker for punishment) who at least made the playoffs. The first car Dino drove was a 1972 Dodge Challanger and has been hooked  on Chrysler ever since. He enjoys meeting new people and will always have a story or a joke. He  understands Italian clearly but can only speak broken Italian. So if you want a sales consultant with passion in two different languages , Pino is the man for you.

  • Donna Magee
    Financial Services Manager
    519-682-3131 ext 231

       Donna has recently joined our team after having been a warranty representative for the past few years and can answer just about any question about any warranty on the market. Donna is easliy bribed by any type of chocolate.  She has 2 beautiful children , who keep her extremely busy. When she does have spare time, which is not often, Donna plays center for the company basketball team. She also enjoys her new boat, trips to Vegas and baking and eating sweets. Her favourite cartoon character is Yosemite Sam! 

  • Jamie Drummond
    Financial Services Manager
    519-682-3131 ext 269

    Jamie, the Great White Hunter,  has been with the dealership since March 1996.  He has worked in many different areas including, detail department, sales, lease manager, and business manager.Outside of work Jamie is an avid outdoors man who loves to fish and hunt. Jamie catches 'em and Glenn cooks 'em.

  • Peggy Larsh
    Customer Rentention Manager
    519-682-3131 ext 241

    Peggy began her employment with Tilbury Chrysler in October 1998 starting out part time as customer service/follow up. This developed into full time work as our leasing coordinator in August 1999. Since then she has not looked back and has become the cornerstone of the foundation of the dealership.Hokey Gingers, we do not know what we would do without Peggy. She does whatever is needed for customer and employee satisfaction.Peggy is also the driving force of Tilbury Chrysler's Social Committee when her daughter and new grandson are not monopolizing her time. If you need to find her, she will be manning the counter at her own 7-11.

  • Glenn Schnekenburger
    Sales and Leasing Consultant
    519-682-3131 ext 224

    Glenn, is our first round pick in the 2008 rookie draft. He spent 18 years in the minors, working in the beverage industry in Chatham, specializing in the sales and customer service sector. He is a solid team player who believes having fun at work is a must. Glenn is also our in house chef who cooks Jamie's catches to perfection (perch, moose, vension and the list goes on). One of Glenn's greatest strengths, is his determination to make sure all customers are satisfied with their experience. He summers and winters in Chatham with ,Shelley, his wife of 24+ years (23 happy ones). They have one son, Thomas, who attends Wilfred Laurier University and one daughter, Kali, who will attend university in the fall of 2008. Glenn is also Vice President of 'the club', a secret society that prides itself in solving world problems and the over abundance of barley in this county.

  • Yvette Hunter
    519-682-3131 ext 275

        Yvette has found her groove  since returning from her time off for a maternity leave, where she and her husband Sean welcomed another son into the world ( mothers, lock up your daughters-again). Yvette started with us in reception and has moved up the ladder in to accounting. She is also an integral part of Tilbury Chrysler's social committee. In her spare time she enjoys chasing her two boys around and spending time with family and friends.